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Pop-Up Praxis

Pop-Up Praxis is a special intervention of the artist and practioner duo SAKO & INDIRA

Bridging Tattoo Art and Bodywork we explore embodied perspectives on the question: 

How do we manifest ourselves?

Movement and behavioral patterns, conflicts, decision processes and intention settings impact our bodies in primarily invisible but often very tangible ways. 

The Pop-Up-Praxis traces some of these manifestations and offers visibility to our embodied landmarks with Tattoo-Art and Bodywork. Find presence in your tension or/and ink your intention for the future.

How do you manifest?

Along the Pop-Up Praxis we offer performances, workshops and artist collaborations, creating mappings and visible landscapes to inner processes on skin and in space.


An Intervention

Pop-Up-Praxis as an intervention centers around decision processes and the formation of our intentions and motivations for actions, especially our actions of care. The Pop-Up Praxis offers visibility to our embodied landmarks with Tattoo-Art and Bodywork.

Aligned to the standard “service” procedures in a praxis space or tattoo studio – waiting, questioning, examination, designing a session plan, signing consent, treatment – specific interruptions of personal questions, tender contact and personal influences will navigate reflections on how we plant and grow our own manifestations.

Visitors become participants when they take a seat in the waiting lounge and choose to be guided alongside their personal questionnaire. Participants further deciding for a session will become their own patients and will be guided through a set of consultation questions along the treatment.

Which past decisions or actions have led to permanent change/ forming of our identity/ or have placed former identities in doubt?
Which rituals of intention settings are being practiced on a daily level and how do we transfer our intentions?

Participants can choose between a temporary and/or permanent manifestation of solid plans on their skin. Each session will be accompanied with a set of questions to explore personal processes of decision-making and how specific action patterns shape(d) body, identity and relating to the environment.

An Urban Ritual

For group settings, events and festivals we offer our Pop-Up Praxis in the framework of services and rituals. The focus lies on transformation and manifestation of individual wishes. Bodywork and Tattoo-Art can be combined for a full journey or booked seperatly.

On Festivals, music events and outdoor happenings we adapt and simplify our settings, act along a clear awareness and consent structure and work mostly with henna/paint-textures and bodywork to ensure the integration into the outside worlds and aftercare.

A temporary manifestation includes bodywork with either cupping and\or gua sha - both techniques resulting in bodymarks that might stay visible for a couple of days. This session traces stagnations inside the body that have been manifested to solid blockages throughout repetition of movement patterns. Throughout the session more and more prints of  unique behavior patterns will be revealed on the surface and can be read as a temporary visible plan or bodymap of points of tension.

A permanent manifestation includes tattoo art with or without ink. The style, ritual and placements vary according to personal wishes and Indira Maria's navigation along answers to guided questions and the sharing of the participants' intention processes. This session will create a resistant shape or symbol as manifestation to intentions and still reminds in future years of this decision that one day in that transitory-gallery, where participant and practitioner met each other in tenderness and pain.

Workshop & Performances

Within and outside our pop-up praxis we offer embodied workshops and performances, that bring visibility to inner processes and movements.

Simple Scores map the formation and manifestation of collective action.

How do communities shape?

And which landmarks depict their desires and motivations?

Traces and perspectives are explored with music, drawing jams on skin, dance improvisation, meridian constellation, somatic meditation & moving, breathing and humming bodies on paper.

Examples of past creations:

Collective Rest with music-artist Alex Zampini as a grounding score - a simple score to rest in collecctive breathing, contact and sound scores

Lying down in Lines with music-artist Alex Zampini & performers to shape a collective meridian network. How can we illustrate connections within our bodies and in space? Just like the geographic coordination passages, our inner bodylandscapes contain energetic longitudes, which can be measured and traced: 12 meridian lines. This format contained nudity on paper, painting, live-music, a tattoo performance and bodies merging into a movement jam along lines

MAPAS CORPORALES/ Mapping Traces of Tension in Touch explores qualities of how-to-touch, investigating the dialogue of the body systems: bones, muscles and fascia to create individual painted manuals of impact and desires on skin. In the end giving consent to act and test the unfolding manuals of and on bodies.






Impression of "Solid Plans" at Culterim Gallery
- documented by Anika Krbetschek

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